Sara Weston


I remember the moment that I fell in love with vintage menswear. I found a pair of 1920’s men’s dress trousers in a store in Covent Garden. I loved the fabric, the cut and the initials that were stitched into the waistband. Since then I’ve been collecting and customising vintage menswear to fit me. The style I’ve developed over the years is a reflection of how I feel about myself in the world, someone who hasn’t conformed to a certain identity, been defined by one thing or fitted into a box.

I like to blur the boundaries. My aesthetic is a mix of boy meets girl, old meets new, tailoring meets sportswear.

I wanted to create clothes that blurred these boundaries so I set up Thomas Thomas to make my aesthetic available to women all over the world. The label is focused around custom made and bespoke, which means there is no waste as everything is made to order. It also means that we get the fit and features right, to suit the individual. I don’t believe in mass market, disposable fashion, I believe in making versatile, quality clothes that can be worn time and time again.